Arnont Nongyao + CMC

Arnont Nongyao + CMC - Super Sound on Dream Street and Destroy Roadmap of Ants

Super Sound on Dream Street and Destroy Roadmap of Ants

This piece was developed from a soundwalking activity with Thatchatham Silsupan and the Chiang Mai Collective (CMC). We were recording along the streets of Chiang Mai after 6:00 PM, and we found bird-sounds occupying a traffic jam, changing the space and the feeling of people on the street forever.

Arnont Nongyao (1979) is a sound artist whose work concentrates on vibration. His practice investigates different means of searching for the value of vibration derived from connected things, such as human beings, objects and society. His works involve specific spaces and moments of audience participation. They are connected with the mode of listening and hearing in various social situations, and with how people interact with and participate in sound. Working with Thatchatham Silsupan, he co-directs the Chiang Mai Collective (CMC) – a group of sound artists and musicians working with sound art and experimental music in Chiangmai. Selected exhibitions include: 16th Media Art Biennale WRO (2015); Test Exposure, Wroclaw, Poland (2015); Tokyo Experimental Festival Vol.10, Tokyo, Japan (2015); TRANCE at Gallery VER, Bangkok, Thailand (2014); Imaginarium, (Water Cave) at Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand (2012); DRIFT A series of experimental sound project Project #1; Duration at Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre, Bangkok, Thailand (2014); From Wat to Wat: The Vertical Perception at Soi Wat Umong, Chiang Mai, Thailand (2014); and PROXIMITY, part of inSPIRACJE International at 13 MUZ, Szczecin, Poland (2014).