Russell Hart

Russell Hart - Guitars, Planets, and Other Noises

Guitars, Planets, and Other Noises

Through presenting a series of noises and recordings I am making a further attempt to reach an understanding of the many disparate, wondrous, beautiful, ugly, relevant, irrelevant sounds that reach my ears each day. Naturally this process is going to leave me more confused and confounded than I was in the first place but of course that doesn’t matter.

Russell Hart studied drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art before moving to Belfast to complete an M.F.A. in Fine Art. In 2008 he received an M.A in Visual Arts from A.I.D.T. in Dublin. In 2007 Hart established economicthought; work created by economicthought includes live audio performances and presentations, instrument design and manufacture, artworks, exhibitions, a series of audio pressings on both vinyl and Compact Disc, poster design and an independent record label that focuses on collaborative processes. Recent exhibitions include; Light Rhythms (Irish Museum Of Modern Art) Ached Grew Print Jot (the Drawing Room Dublin), Timecoloured Place (Oonagh Young Gallery, Dublin), DAS SPLINTER (Galway Arts Centre, Ireland), What Happens Next Is A Secret (Irish Museum Of Modern Art, Dublin), economicthoughtprojects (ArdBia Gallery, Berlin), Yes Way (Music Festival, Peckham, London) and an upcoming exhibition in The Five Years Gallery, London. Recently a number of his audio projects were featured on WFMU (America’s longest running freeform radio station).