Stalker/ON - Attraverso i Territori Attuali

Attraverso i Territori Attuali

The sound follows, runs, comes back, descends, rises, breathes. It’s a language of feel and sensibility of movements.

Stalker/ON (Osservatorio Nomade) is a collective subject, found in 1995, that engages research and actions within the landscape with particular attention to the areas around the city’s margins and forgotten urban space, and abandoned areas or regions under transformation that are referred to here as Actual Territories. Stalker promotes interventions based on the spatial practices of exploration, listening, relation and on creative interactions with the environment, its inhabitants and their ‘archives of memories’. These processes aim to generate social and environmental relations that are self-organised and evolve over time. The sensitive and dynamic mapping of territories and communities generated through these processes remains easy to access. These interventions promote knowledge sharing, collaborative projects and raise the awareness of communities towards their territory and their cultural environment in search of new practices, poetics and politics of coexistence in the emerging beyond-city dimension for a possible social change.