An Introduction to Work and Energy

An Introduction to Work and Energy presents six new compositions by the following artists:

Gerard Byrne

Josefin Lindebrink

Francisco López

Haroon Mirza

Arnont Nongyao / CMC

Minoru Sato

Installed in May 2016, the heading for this round of works mimics the title of a chapter of a physics text book, wrenching power away from homo ludens (the player), the undeclared protagonist of the installation and the urban identity it suggests. We take a step back into the workplace, to an examination of excess and energy production, and to the raw physics of sound – testing each of these trajectories as an analogy for the others.

Straying between these subjects as active listeners, we discover six fragments that serve as pointers to a fragile atmosphere perched uncertainly at a spatial and experiential periphery. We sway between machinic repetition and tangential dialogue, passing through a peak that invokes a temporary Dream House for Meeting House Square. We recall the impossible grey of the factory and the ritual work of the nightclub, eventually emerging via an imagined avian journey that extends vertically over our flat urban sprawl. The resulting assemblage is peppered with both cynical question marks and cues for escape.